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sunnydale_lims's Journal

BTVS Last Icon Maker Standing
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Info & Rules
Welcome to sunnydale_lims, a Buffy The Vampire Slayer Last Icon Maker Competition. Please make sure to read the rules before anything else.

[ x ] Join the community
[ x ] You will need to SIGN-UP for each challenge. The best thing to do it's friending the community so you don't miss any round and stuff. But you can as well check out the challenge index.
Make sure to write "hellmouth" in the subject of your comment when you sing-up so we know you have read the rules.
[ x ] If you don't enter your icon on time you'll be disqualified, unless you have skips to use. You can learn more about skips HERE.
[ x ] Once the voting is up we will ask you to vote off the worst icon(s).
[ x ] The icon makers that received the most votes will be eliminated. The number of icon makers eliminated changes depending on the challenge and the round, as well as the number of icons you'll have to vote.
[ x ] Your icon should be posted only here, and no one has to know you made it until results are up.
[ x ] Your icon must fit the LJ standars: 100x100 pixels and no bigger than 40kb. JPG or PNG. No animated icons.
[ x ] Submitt your icon on a comment with the image and the url. Like this:


[ x ] You may use any kind of resources such as textures, brushes, gradients...


profile layout; layout; header